Introducing Sister Maria

After relocating to a small rural town in the Waikato, chasing scholastic opportunities for my children, I stumbled across Sisters of the Valley on the internet in Feb 2017 and was transfixed, the more research I did, the more I couldn’t believe that I had found "my tribe".
After 3 months of reading every written word Sister Kate had ever posted over the past four years, I emailed her and we started planning my visit.

In August 2017 after spending 5 days at the Mother Farm in Merced, California, meeting Sister Kate and the other sisters, I was completely captivated and converted. We did an intimate induction ceremony and I was primed to bring SOTV to the Southern Hemisphere.
Being on the farm was like living in a dream, and after being given full access to the medicine and store cabinet, I had to keep pinching myself every few hours, I couldn’t believe I was actually living my dream and I was still alive.

Kate granted me permission to start a Beguine Sisterhood and bring the activist mission back to Aotearoa.
My first action as soon as I got back to NZ was to create a protest balm using Hemp & Cannabis roots as there was no written legislation, and learn how to be an activist without being criminalised or arrested. I had to find my boundary for me and my family, and how far I was prepared to push that, to not be afraid to speak out for what I truly believe in, especially living in a conservative patriarchal rural community ........hence came Sister Maria......

Revisiting the Mother Ship or as I like to call it Gaia HQ in Jan 2019 for the sisterhood international congress and to attend the women’s march in LA was the first time I had met all the sisters from around the world and it was like coming home, I have never felt so proud, loved, appreciated and cherished in my life all at one time.

The January 2019 full moon ceremony in Merced with the entire tribe was a time for bonding, full and final vows, accomplishments acknowledged and a true celebration of how far we have come, where we are going next and what is possible when we work together upholding our values.
It was a testament to the fact that healing can bring us all together in harmony.